Exploring The Possibilities In Dog Bites Lawsuits With An Injury Lawyer In Abbotsford

There is a high chance that you are bitten by the dog of your neighbor when you visit their home for dinner one fine night. It might be an embarrassing situation for your neighbor and they may even apologize from their heart copiously, but what about the pain and suffering you experience as well as the medical bills that you have to pay now? Unnecessary expense as it is, you can claim for compensation from your neighbor for such incidents, according to personal injury law. However, you will be better off when you hire the service of an Injury Lawyer in Abbotsford. The complexities of such cases will be simplified by the attorney.

Chances of winning

The dog bite lawsuits are one of the most common type of cases handled by Personal Injury Lawyer in Abbotsford but mind you that it is not an easy one. The chances of winning or losing your case will entirely depend on the expertise and experience of the attorney. It will depend on how your case is presented in the court of law. It is all about convincing the judge and the jury that it is the dog, or in reality the owner of the dog who is responsible for the injury causing accident and not you.

Unusual situations matter

Oftentimes, there will be several unusual situations that the ICBC Lawyers in Abbotsford may have to confront with while dealing with dig bite cases. It may so happen that the apparent facts are not true for the case. Sometimes, the dog may not be held liable for the accident and the injuries caused at all. Therefore, the injury lawyer has to consider all types of situations and look at them from the perspective of the injured victim as well as the owner of the dog, and even the dog at times to prove negligence and hold the other party liable for making the payment.

The liability of the plaintiff

In some cases, even the Car Accident Lawyer in Abbotsford may find that the injured victim or the plaintiff himself or herself is responsible for the accident and the injuries. In such situations it is really hard to get the amount that you claim for compensation for your injuries. These are the situations when the plaintiffs provoke the dog to act likewise and attack due to their natural animal instinct. Therefore, if you instigate the dog to attack, there will be no claim, as per personal injury law.

Few other considerations

There are a few other considerations as well that the Accident Lawyer in Abbotsford has to make apart from the provoking the dog to attack. There may be other defenses and arguments raised such as the one bite rule. In some states, this is allowed instead of a dog-bite statute. In addition to that, the lawyer also has to find out whether or not you took any risk intentionally to mess with the dog, trespassing or may have ignored any signs of warning put up by the owner of the dog at proper places before messing with the dog. For more information visit Our Website